Umbrella company service

An umbrella service is the simplest solution for most contractors – no unexpected tax bills & one continuous employment.

Set up in minutes and carry out your contractor projects as an employee of Atom Umbrella.

  • All the benefits of employment

  • Continuous employment
    Important when applying for a mortgage

  • Benefits package – Cash Health Plan

  • Atom Rewards scheme

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Client portal

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) service

For those registered in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), or those who would like to know more.

A CIS payroll solution for individuals working in the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) where they can engage with an agency or end-client and enjoy flexibility as a sole trader.

  • CIS Payment processing – Same day payments, no minimum contract length, Personal Tax Service
  • Free contractor assessment to ensure CIS is a suitable option for you.

  • Comprehensive insurance

  • Client portal

  • Simple and easy registration- Sign up today

International payroll provider

We specialise in services for compliant international payroll.

We provide compliant employed and freelancer solutions around the world . Our personalized approach and method, ensures our partners are properly supported for whether they are new to international placements or just looking to grow.

  • Employment

  • PEO Services

  • Compliance

  • Payroll

  • Pay and Bill

  • International Contractor Management